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September 25, 2008

Memo to future DC conference organizers

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Memo to future DC conference organizers:

  1. Make sure you have sufficient wireless connections and bandwidth for the main paper presentations, not just the meetings and workshops. This means full bandwidth availability for 200+ contiguous high-bandwidth users. This is the 3rd DC conference that I’ve attended (0 for 3) that had trouble with this, but it’s a more significant problem now. With live blogging and microblogging on the rise consistent access is critical.
  2. Make sure that there is power available for at least half the participants in every venue. Ten outlets for 300 people, or 2 outlets for 50 people in the workshops is just not enough.
  3. Prominently and ubiquitously recommend an official conference tag for use on social networks.
  4. Include a T-shirt in the conference swag. This will promote the fact that you were the host far into the future. Even if you don’t want to spend the money to include a t-shirt for everyone, make one available for an additional fee (not recommended but better than no t-shirt — DC2008 had an especially nice t-shirt but it was only available for conference staff).
  5. Give the conference staff, and especially tech support, hats or radically different t-shirts and instruct them to wear their t-shirts/hats at all times that they might be in contact with attendees
  6. Provide an official IRC channel, record it, and make the archive available on the conference web site (like code4lib)
  7. Provide an official conference social network, such as CrowdVine
  8. Officially video all of the open meetings, workshops, and plenary sessions for either live-streaming or future upload to YouTube. Make sure every presenter knows that they will be recorded and that the video will be publicly available at some point. Let attendees know that too.
  9. Provide as much of the conference-related information and proceedings as possible on at least a memory stick (DC2008 did this). A conference-branded (rather than vendor-branded) thumb drive that is as big as you can afford would, like the t-shirt, promote your hosting of the conference well into the future.

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