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May 15, 2007

Blogging like it’s 2003

Filed under: Personal — Jon Phipps @ 8:58 am

I have a couple of blogs that I had almost forgotten about and haven’t updated since 2003. I’m putting links here just to make it a bit easier to find them.
I’m not using the Radio Userland software anymore — it started to chew through my system resources when it was running — but they’ve been great about keeping the blog up. Radio was a great tool in its day, and maybe still is. A personal, public, secure web server on the desktop is still a pretty interesting idea.

You can also find here some stories there that I wrote in early 2002 trying to reground myself after being in NYC on 9/11. Warning: the stories are encoded in ISO-8859–1, but the pages self-identify as UTF-8 (one of the little flaws in Radio or maybe the author) so you have to change it. One of these days I’ll fix that, along with a couple of typos I just found, and also maybe post the stories somewhere else. Oh, and parts of the 9/11 story still bring tears to my eyes 5+ years later. I guess that’s a warning too.
My very first non-Userland experiment. At the time, I didn’t think much of the software or the service, so there’s only one ancient post. But I claimed it in technorati anyway. Maybe I’ll use it for something, someday.
For a brief period of time, back when I was working for NSDL Core Integration, I blogged about the NSDL on my own domain. I stopped when I left, and now the blog is lousy with comment spam. While trying to remove the spam i discovered that the version of WordPress I’m using isn’t compatible with PHP5 and my ISP kindly defaults .php to PHP5 now. Maybe I’ll fix that someday. Best I could do was turn off comments and trackbacks.


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