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December 7, 2006


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“Looking for an idiot at [pick any store/location] is like looking for a needle in a needle-stack”

That just makes me smile every time I read it..


December 4, 2006

SKOS Concept History Management – Metadata-Registry

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Several weeks ago, right after I got back from the Dublin Core 2006 meeting, I wrote up a brief outline of how I thought we could handle skos:concept change management in the context of the MetadataRegistry. It builds on the versioning discussion presented by Stuart Sutton and Joe Tennis at the DC2006 registries working group, and a gardening discussion with Alistair Miles.

In it I suggest that for each registered skos:concept we would maintain a single generic, scheme-independent ConceptClass, one or more scheme-specific ConceptInstances, and one or more ConceptInstanceHistories. I put off posting anything about this before because I was going to clean up the text a bit, and add some fancy UML diagrams and some real RDF, but heck I’m just too busy at the moment. 

I’d be very interested in some feedback.

This outlines proposed requirements for maintaining change history for Concepts.

SKOS Concept History Management – Metadata-Registry.

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