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June 10, 2006

The 7 (f)laws of the Semantic Web – O’Reilly XML Blog

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I find myself agreeing with quite a bit of this article by Dan Zambonini (which should come as no surprise). Among other thoughtful observations, he points out that…

…The Semantic Web needs to prove what problem(s) it’s going to solve, and not just show that it can create pictures showing you that you know your friends.

…the Semantic Web would be a lot easier if we did have a central ontology … My clients don’t want to create ontologies. They don’t want to map one set of data to another. They want to use something that’s out there and ready for them to use … maybe we should try it, rather than thinking that we don’t need it because it’s hard to achieve?

Worth a read.

The 7 (f)laws of the Semantic Web – O’Reilly XML Blog.


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