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March 28, 2006

Another day, another hard drive failure

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I had one of my external USB drives fail last night — walked down to the kitchen and I could hear a drive whining in my office 50’ away. It bugs me that I have no easy way to find out what was on the drive, but I do know that it contained pieces of most of my Retrospect backups including a backup of all of my photos and music. I fortunately had another drive just sitting around waiting for such an occasion, but the drive that failed also functioned as a USB mini-hub, and I had to swap out the hub too — I was plumb out of ports.

So after an hour of crawling around over and under my desk to reroute cables, I thought I was back in business, only to discover that the drive that holds my catalog files was full. I started to move some files off the drive, but in the process Windows did a hard BSOD failure. The machine rebooted fine, but took nearly 20 minutes to come back up, reporting that Windows had “recovered from a serious error”. I ran chkdsk on the drives that were involved in the move, and they seemed fine. I reconfigured Retrospect to run all of my backups immediately and it’s been quietly and peacefully doing just that ever since.

I like Retrospect. A lot.


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